Join us July 5-6

This wonderful weekend starts Friday, July 5.

Friday, July 5 @ 6:30pm - Bring your family and your children to see some reptiles and spend an amazing vespers with us in our fellowship hall here at Paradise Valley Church.

Saturday, July 6 @ 11:00am - Come join us for a worship service where Wild Man Dan will continue our adventure through a powerful sermon with object lessons from his reptile friends.

Saturday, July 6 @ 3:00pm - Here's where the fun is. Join us Sabbath afternoon as Wild Man Dan shares more stories and brings out his reptile friends for us to hold, pet, and hang out with!

Note 1 - All reptiles that are pet or held are nonvenomous or poisonous.

Note 2 - All children who are registered will receive a gift.

Note 3 - Please use the form below to register all of your children at once :)

Make sure you register down below!

Wildman Dan Invite

The Wild Man Dan Show

Wildman Dan

Daniel Quionez and his team of passionate scientists, enthusiastic conservationists, and charismatic public speakers, seek to explore, observe, and document the overlooked worlds that inspire curiosity, awe, and sometimes fear.

We are thrilled to have The Wild Man Dan show come to Paradise Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church on Friday, July 5 and Sabbath, July 6.

Visit his website @


Thank you for registering and we can't wait to see you at our Remarkable Reptile Weekend!