NEW: Sign up for Church & SS

Sign up for outdoor church & Sabbath School classes

Outdoor Worship and in-person adult sabbath school classes

We are excited to share that we have started outdoor worship again, this time on our Paradise Valley Church property.

We have also opened the church building for optional indoor adult Sabbath School classes at 25% capacity.**  

For both SS and outdoor church, the following requirements from our SECC conference will still apply:

  • social distancing 
  • face-masks while on church premises
  • screening
  • cleaning/hand sanitizer

Below you will find sign-up links for both SS and Outdoor Church. Please sign up if you are planning on joining us in person, as it helps us enormously with our planning and helps streamline the screening process on the day. 

We are so excited to see each other in person again! 

**Children and youth SS class will still be online-only at this time.


Now that we are meeting again in person we know there are some FAQs regarding our COVID safety procedures. We've compiled answers to some of the most common.

1. What is our current COVID safety procedure? 

Our COVID safety procedure has 4 main parts. 

  • Masks
  • Physical Distancing 
  • Hygiene (sanitization) 
  • Stay home if sick/have symptoms

2. I have been vaccinated. Do I still need to wear a mask at church? 

Yes. As per the current Southeastern California Conference (SECC) policy, masks are still required for all church members, regardless of whether you have been vaccinated or not. The only exception is for those involved in the service, if they are outside, 12 feet away from anyone else, and remove it only during their part of the service. 

3. What about Children's Ministry? 

As of right now, our children's and youth Sabbath School classes remain online-only. Children must remain with their parents at all times on while on the church campus.

4. How are we deciding our COVID precaution policy? 

Our decision-making process involves three steps. 

  1. We receive COVID safety requirements by the SECC. 
  2. Our COVID Safety Taskforce then takes those requirements, comes up with a specific plan for our church within those parameters, and makes recommendations to our church board. 
  3. Our plan is then voted by the church board

We know this has been a challenging year. We are so grateful for the many ways this church family has shown grace and compassion to each other throughout this time as we seek to love each other well.

If you have additional questions, we will do our best to answer them, and we will continue to keep you updated as the situation evolves.

Adventist Council and FAQ on COVID vaccines:

As vaccines become more available to the general public, we are aware of some question that have arisen, both theological and medical. The North American Division, in consultation with the Biblical Research Institute and the Loma Linda University School of Public health have put together some resources we hope will be helpful. We are also linked the official Adventist statement regarding immunizations in general.