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An essential step in Bringing  Hope to our Community is Building Bridges. We are divided by gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, education, language, prejudice, the list goes on. Curiously, with the advance of technology, something that unites us are cellphones: the great equalizer if you will. PVAlerts! is an in-reach and outreach ministry that allows Paradise Valley Church to build bridges with text messaging.


PVAlerts! is a one-to-many (SMS) text messaging system that allows Paradise Valley Church to send text messages to customized groups or lists of individuals: In the church, in the community or both. You may already receive text messages from schools, your Doctor's office, the County Emergency Alert system, or perhaps a commercial list you to which you subscribed.


And, if you have a "smart phone" hat connects to the Internet, then the opportunities of providing you--directly to your phone--with helpful, community building information are nearly limitless: video clips, pictures, websites etc.


PVAlerts! Building Hope's Bridges



"Did you know that the average mobile phone user has their telephone within reach 24/7?"



Frequently Asked Questions


I am not a "Techie", why do I need this?

Text messaging has been around for about 22 years. Because of the ubiquity of cellphones text messaging is the medium of choice for instant broadcast: Amber alerts, emergency warnings, disaster response, etc. It is likely that you already have text messaging service on your cellphone and pay for this feature. That said, it may not be among your personal choices for communication. However, ministry seeks to reach others where they are. Often that means leaving our comfort zone.


What are the requirements for PVAlerts! work on my phone?
PVAlerts! will work on any phone that receives/sends text messages (about 91% of all cell phones). This includes most cellphones and some tablets.  Smart phones that can connect to the Internet are able to access advanced features such as links that may be included in some messages.


How do I subscribe?

If your are not currently receiving informational updates, complete the form on the right or text PVChurch to 63975 it is that easy.


If I subscribe to multiple groups, will I receive multiple messages?

-No. Messages are sent to "lists" a list cannot contain duplicate phone numbers.


How many messages will I receive per month?

There is a ten (10) message monthly limit for each list. However, some internal administrative lists (PVYouth, PVPathfinders, PVDeacons, PVCulinary, etc) will have the option of sending more. Prior to enrolling in each list you will be informed of the monthly limits.


How do I learn about or sign up for other lists?

We are constantly adding new lists. We are currently creating a web page that will provide this information.


How do I removed my name from a list.

To remove your name from a single list text Unsubscribe to 63975


How do I remove my number from the system.

You may remove yourself from the PVAlerts! at any time by texting STOP to 63975

At this point, the system will be blocked from sending messages to you number. Caution: Once your number is removed, we will be unable to text you under any circumstances to include emergency notifications. Rather than STOP you can enroll in PVURGENT which will only send messages approved as Urgent by from the Pastor.


Can I text you back.

Yes. Most messages are two way.


Does PVAlerts provide Sunset reminders?

Yes. We will begin this service by the end of the month. Text PVSunset


What if I want to set up a list.

This is possible.


How much does it cost?

PV Church pays a monthly subscription fee for the service. We charge you nothing. However depending on your cellular plan standard messaging apply.


Is this the same as Twitter?

Twitter is a great social-media service, that allow you to text to a list. Here are the important differences. PVAlerts! does not require an application (app). Your phone already has everything it needs. PVAlerts! allows PV Church to create specific groups, know when messages are received and provide reminders, surveys, polling and other services. PVAlerts! is timely and targeted.


What information is used?

Technically, all we use is your cell number. However, it helps to connect this with a name.


What if I have other questions?

Please send us your questions below under "Contact Us"

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