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Community Services

Our Paradise Valley Community Services is an active group of about 120 volunteers who are busy serving our community.  Each Tuesday we are distributing over 10,000 pounds of bread, fresh produce, and groceries to over 500 families in our community. Volunteers are busy collecting food from Albertson's, Target, Walmart, San Diego Food Bank, and Feeding America Food Bank for our weekly distribution. During 2016 we distributed 553,788 pounds of food to over 38,000 individuals, and gave away over 26,000 pieces of clothing with a combined value of over $1,000,000.00.





















Rummage Sale

Twice a year we hold giant rummage sales of household items donated to our center. The funds from these sales provide our center with funds to operate with, and also help provide scholarships for students at San Diego Academy.








A number of our volunteers are busy making quilts.  We of course sell many of these quilts to people requesting them, but most of our quilts are donated to mission projects, or to the "Unwed Mother's" at the Paradise Valley Hospital for their infants.  Our ladies also provide a quilt to every child dedicated at the Paradise Valley Church.



Much of the furniture and household items are also donated to families in need through our Refugee Ministry.  At the end of each Rummage Sale we bring families over and let them take items they can use in their homes free of cost.


We are always looking for more volunteers in our Community Services! Come by on Tuesday mornings and lend a hand or talk to Peggy James to find out how you can help!